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Homegroup is an important place in your life. Are you a part of some home group where you can meet every week, pray to God, share your needs and joys?

I have found some essential truths about homegroups. You can carefully read them here.

1) Some people talk and talk and talk about what is right and what is wrong, but they are not able to host and care for some even small homegroup regularly. They have not enough love, character, and wisdom to pray and care, even for a few people regularly. 

2) Some people are not able even to regularly go to some group of people and be in a serious relationship together where they can share, confess sins, encourage each other in love, and do other biblical words. 

3) There is a terrible idea to make a homegroup as a point of rebellion and slandering against God's order and God's ministers.

4) The people who are willing to be regularly a part of biblical homegroup with a good Word, love, attitudes of building, prayers, worship, and unity grow in the Spirit.Skupinka 2 a

5) Being a part of an openhearted and warm homegroup is one of the very crucial moments in preventing individual and ministerial falls.

6) In many parts of the world is a building of homegroups and homegroup-leaders a God's strategy for building God's house and for evangelization.

7) In some parts of the world to be used for gathering a small biblical group of real disciples of the Lord is a quite big deal that needs a full heart, dedication, many love, prayers, dedication, and even work.

8) To be a vital part of a homegroup or to be a tool for gathering some homegroup is a very good, important, and significant ministry before the Lord.

9) To care about some homegroup needs a good servant heart, willingness, usually pastors approval, and blessings, desire to pray, the obedience of God's word and openness to people, nothing special like a big education, diplomas, or some unique unordinary giftings.

10) You probably should be a part of some homegroup.

11) You possibly could lead at least a small homegroup of two, three, or four people at some point in your life.

12) We live in actual and grow to ideal. Ideal usually doesn't exist in full form and manifestation, but "Above all, love each other deeply because love covers over a multitude of sins." (1 Petr 4,8)

13) "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." (Mathew 18,20)

14) I believe I need to be a part of a homegroup too.

15) There are more good points about homegroups. These points are some important of them.

Be blessed

Jiří Joel Krupa

Senior pastor of CPMI

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