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There is a big need for bibles in Malawi and Mozambique. Bible is reachable for 10 dollars but 10 dollars is so many for most of the people there that they can not afford it. Sometimes even pastors have no Bibles and they borrow them for some time or learn the scriptures by heart. 

To be honest I didn´t believe it for the first time when I heard it until I prayed about it and also read it from other sources too. I can also say now that I witnessed this by my own eyes. 

There are young pastors from Mozambique in the following photo. They were actually twelve with their overseer who came with them to the pastor's conference (he is not in the photo). I was spending some time every evening with them, even if they don´t know English and I don´t know the Chichewa language.


My heart was broken. The only thing they eagerly asked me to give them was the Bible. No money, no help, no support, but they wanted to have their own Bibles. To be honest there were two occasions when tears were coming from my eyes. One was by feeding children who waited a long time to get their portion of food and the second was here. Still sometimes when I talk about it, the tears again go out. It is something from the Spirit I believe. I had the last four bibles for them so I asked them to group themselves by three and every group from the nearest places got one bible. 

For me, the Bible is the source of so many blessings in my life that I can´t count it. Itś my food, protection, source of knowledge and wisdom, God speaks the most often through it to me and shows me the ways that lie ahead of me even. I can´t imagine being without God's word.


There are my desire and our program that every of these pastor in Malawi and Mozambique has their own Bible. We continue in this program because the light that goes out of the Word of God needs to shine in every darkness. 

I want them to read in the Bible to love others. I don´t want people there to read in Koran to kill unbelievers.

Be blessed

Jiří Joel Krupa

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