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11 April 2020, the senior pastor Jiří Joel Krupa published this prophetic word regarding the USA. In those times there were some threats (spoken even by Donald Trump) about possible 100 000 or 200 000 dead people with COVID-19 (sometimes as the main reason for deaths, sometimes as an accelerator to other health problems.) In those times many were proclaiming that it will end soon and these are only fear numbers. But God spoke to Jiří Joel Krupa that "it is not even half of it". Now the number of COVID-19 victims in the USA is growing close to 200 000 people, according to world statistics. At the end of March 2020, the USA hasn´t got more than 5000 deaths concerning COVID-19. 

The prophetic word to the USA about COVID-19:

"I also had in March the word about prophets, ministers, politicians, and others, who were optimistic about the recent COVID-19 outbreak. I mean those who say words like "it will end soon, it will disappear, it is only media panic", and so on, other similar things and proclamations. 

"They are speaking to you false visions of their hearts"

/end of March 2020/

I see the real number of victims will be huge and I see contrary these "optimistic and positive" prophets. 

There have been still many people who proclaim it similar to the flue, even some experts in biological, medical, and similar fields.

6 March 2020, Got told us at the meeting of pastors that people in the Czech republic will be dying because of this illness too. The same day evening before the prayer meeting of CPMI House of prayer Bruntál, that:

"it will be worse than the flu".

/6 March 2020/

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Our ministry is informed by the revelation of The Holy Spirit about the growth and spiritual background of COVID-19 from the end of January 2020. 


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