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It is a very big joy to see the first fruits of our program - goats program in Malawi.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries but God's people there are wonderful. The church in Tengani, Malawi under the leading of bishop Petr Fungulani is overseeing the Feeding program - Goats program. What is this project about?

There are really huge problems with feeding orphans and children. People are thankful for but one piece of corn and don´t let it waste.

If we talk about meat it is not usual to have a meet and ordinal people in rural areas there after some years of drouths are happy to have meat for two days in a year, Christmas, and the New Yearś Eve.

I don´t forget the one scene from preparing the pastors conference and feeding children last year. Some brothers counted corn and after putting it to bags a few pieces fell on the ground to the dust. They took care of all these small pieces of it and put it back to bags.  

I could talk more about it and western people or people from a little richer countries sometimes couldn't imagine it fully but let us see the goats program. 

The project crucial idea is to help people, especially those who care about orphans, to have goats and to help the herd of these goats to grow.

It means that our ministry project Feeding ministry has cared about 16 goats to be bought (actually they are now eleven and five are left to be bought and distributed) and people under the overseeing of the CPMI Maranatha church in Tengani from Malawi are taking care of them.

After the goat-baby is born and grows for a certain age they will become present to another suffering family.  And so the number of goats can grow.

Let us fight hunger together

We have some other projects that are made not only for giving help and support to people but also to help them be self-sufficient depended on God fulfilling their needs and even giving them some kind of prosperity to "have enough and even more to all good deeds that are prepared from God for us to walk in them".

God uses other people to help some people's needs to be fulfilled. It's called practical love.   

Be blessed

Jiří Joel Krupa

Senior pastor CPMI, Bruntal, Czech republic


"Goat project goes well beside one challenge-one goat died due to diarrhea but all is going well, and other goats started giving babies and people are waiting for these babies to reach a better size so that passing on should start."

Petr Fungulani

Senior pastor CPMI, Tengani, Malawi


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