The roots of CPMI ministry in the United Kingdom

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This year the trip to United Kindom also took place.  Pastors Jan Bihary and Jiří Joel Krupa were visiting pastor Tibor Simon, his family, and a church there.

The trip was made after meeting of pastors in Czech with pastor Tibor Simon, which took place at a conference in Bohumin, the Czech republic. We believe that this former independent church is being led by the Holy Spirit, who is a God of order and peace, to be a part of a particular church structure.

This move of the Holy Spirit reflects the message of Scriptures about the church as a body, that is joined by love but also with some concrete covenant relationships of discipline, transparency, and accountability. 


We are happy because of this. We know about the lack of understanding of Scriptures in this matter in particular parts of churches there in the UK. The spirit of independence is making big damages to a church similarly as the opposite spirit of manipulation and disuse of authority in a church. 

We still need to remember that we all are brothers (Mt 33,8-10) and that the authority means at the first place the stewardship but we all also need to respect establishing of some structure and relationships of responsibility in a church as the particular fellowship of a local church similarly as in the church as fellowships of more particular local churches. 

We believe that God will lead some other so-called  "independent" churches there and their pastors to see that dangerous misunderstanding of scriptures and some of them will be also led by Him to make relationships of concrete loyalty and responsibility.

As pastor Tibor Simon said: "I see that I need to be a part of the concrete normal structural church not only a local church on its own. I see it as a good step in our ministry". 


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