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The project Live and Serve, which was inspired a little also by the life and work of Moravian Brethren from the 18 century is gradually coming to life.


We want to help those who want to work. We want to help them with this kind of practical support. One thing is to help when somebody is hungry and needs food or water when he is thirsty. God wants us to be that kind of people, who have compassion, mercy, and have not a blind heart for the suffering of others /1 Jan 3,17/.

sewingmachine2aBut as is better to learn people fishing than only bring them fish to eat so is better our churches all over the world grow to biblical prosperity and to "have enough for themself and more for every other good work"/2 Kor, 8,9/. The part of it is seeking the good God's opportunities to work and make some money for the living of our families and orphans. Also for the support of ministries. 

This kind of ministry is helping the church in India with starting "a sewing machine center". And this gives me a big joy! 

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"First of all, I want to give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for blessing us by sewing machine and I also want to thank CPMI for blessing us for open a sewing clothes center for ladies. Now 10 ladies are learning here how to sew clothes with the help of a sewing machine. I am really blessed because this project Live and Serve will help us for growth ministry work in my area and ladies will able to self depends. All the glory to the Lord. Amen."

Pal Smeer

pastor CPMI India


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