Prayer week for Prag

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Pastor Jiří Joel Krupa and his wife was meeting one of the Czech senators Libor Michalek in a garden of the Senat of the Czech republic.

This meeting was made in the scope of a prayer week for Prague. There is an extremely important need to pray for our cities. The church is falling in this responsibility often but there are people who need to stand up and pay the price for this. These people are called prayer warriors, intercessors, watchmen and so on. Simply these people are those who know that only power who can change things is God's power that is flowing through prayers.

You are also called to stand on the prayer walls for your life, your family, your church, your city, and your nation, and not only for YOUR nations. 

When we humble ourselves when we pray, seek God and obey his commands, then the healing waters can flow to our areas. The change can delay, but good things will happen.


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